From Sacramento, head east on Highway 50 for 42 miles to the town of Placerville. Drive past the third signal on Highway 50 in Placerville and go two more exits to the Schnell School Road exit (exit 48). Turn left at the bottom of the off-ramp and drive uphill on Schnell School Road to the stop sign at Carson Road. Turn right onto Carson Rd. and drive uphill and turn left onto North Canyon Rd. Hillside Tree Farm is about a half mile down on the left side.
Alternate Exit: Take the Point View Drive exit (exit 49 - This is a fairly new exit) and turn left at the bottom of the ramp. Cross under hwy 50 and continue onto Jacquier Road for 1.2 mile. Take the slight right onto Carson Road for 1.6 mile. Take a left at North Canyon Road for a half a mile and Hillside Tree Farm is on the left. Parking lots are available on both sides of the road.

Hillside Tree Farm
2881 N. Canyon Road
Camino, Ca. 95709


Moose at the gate to Hillside Tree Farm

The Visman Family has a long history on Apple Hill. We all compete with each other but we also support each other. We offer something different at our individual farms, which adds to the Apple Hill experience. There is a family history page on the Boa Vista Orchards web site with images and feats of the past.

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